Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I forgot to talk about my ingenious 'invention' yesterday. Lubbock had mango for breakfast, but was having a hard time grasping the pieces. I crushed up some of his On the Go O's (Cheerios) and coated the mango pieces with those crumbs. He loved them. I'm so smart!

Today, I'm going to visit West Chicago. I've got some stuff I'm dropping off to some people from freecycle. One lady is collecting scrapbooking supplies for a lady at her church who is stuck at home now and is picking up a new hobby. I had some punches, scissors, paper, and stickers I couldn't really see myself using. Also, I'm taking some plastic drawer towers to an organization that helps mentally challenged adults with vocational training in the gardening industry. I bought all my potted plants from them earlier this summer and when I saw that they needed these, I was glad to help out. I hadn't completely decided if I wanted to get rid of them, but since I got the drawers at that garage sale, I decided I could part ways with them. Then, after that, I'm stopping off at a lady's house who has some purple and pink paint for my mural. She lives in my friend Brandy's neighborhood, so we may call ahead and see if she's up for some company.

I met Brandy in Target about 9 months ago. She has a baby a few days younger than Lubbock. She was looking at the Bumbo seats and I started telling her about how great they are. (They were recalled about three days later!) We exchanged phone numbers and Lubbock and Evan are now best friends. We call each other our "Target friend." The Target is halfway between our houses, so we always call each other if we're going to see if we want to meet up and walk around.

We need to leave in a little bit to run our errands, so I'll sign off for now. My photography class is tonight, so I may write some more then.

Here I am in photography class. The first picture I posted is of a little fellow on my front porch I noticed on my way out the door to class. I think he's a cool color. He reminded me of a highlighter.
There's also a picture of Lubbock from a while ago. I borrowed my sister's memory card for class to see if there were any photos on her's that I wanted. Moshmee will appreciate this photo because she's a University of Texas grad and it looks like Lubbock's saying "Hook 'em Horns!"

The photo of Lubbock's rear end is one of my favorites. I took it off my sister's card. We were at the Salt Lake City airport in June and they have a little play area for kids. Lubbock was obsessed with the little orange blocks ... no other color, just orange. (He's going to OSU for sure!) Side note: There were some wood blocks in with all these plastic blocks that had been chewed up and the paint was chipping off of them. I took the liberty of protecting any children that may have been subjected to ingesting paint and threw them away. Mothers of America, you're welcome!

The other photo of Lubbock is also from my sister's camera, but it's more recent. She took him to an outdoor concert one night while I was in my class. It's probably from about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Man, so much has changed since then ... he's had a hair cut and he no longer takes a bottle!

The last picture is from my drive home last week. It was too dark to post, so I waited and fixed it up in class today before posting.

Our instructor has invited us to go outside and take some photos if we want. I think I'll take her up on that. I'll be back!

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