Friday, July 18, 2008

Craft Room Furniture

My budget goal for the craft/play room is $100. I already bought a teepee and tunnel for Lubbock and that was about $40 or $50. To make myself feel better, I'm not including that in my budget! So, the budget starts today ...

My mom and I went to some garage sales this morning and I was able to snag up three pieces of furniture for $26. One is a low and long TV stand in royal blue with a drawer for movies. It's perfect for Lubbock's side of the room, is a nice bright color, and has wheels ... always a plus. The other two are for my side. They are a matching set as far as the wood goes (but I'll probably sand and paint them). One is a set of drawers (4 drawers) and the other is a shelf. I should be able to fit a large file in that one for my craft paper. I'm not sure if their tall enough to use as "legs" for a table, but it's a nice start ... and they're on wheels, too.

I almost snagged up a cute Sigrid Olson black polo shirt for $1, but then I noticed that it was missing a button and I'd never fix it, so I decided not to buy it.

Last night, my mom, Lauren and I went to a local bar and sang a few karaoke songs. We sang Crocodile Rock and Jolene. Love Dolly Parton! We were home before midnight and my mom let me sleep until 8am! Lubbock's taking his nap, so I'm going to get some laundry and mopping done. A mom's job is never done.

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