Tuesday, July 22, 2008

About Yesterday

It was my first missed day! I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Lubbock's eating breakfast, so I came in just to say that I hung out with Heather a little yesterday morning, then went grocery shopping ($160, with one $.55 coupon ... go me!), and then went to my doctor's appointment. I really need to find a closer doctor. He was close when I worked, but now it's about a 45 minute drive. He switched my meds, so I'll see if these work any better. He also said that the one I was on has weight gain as a side effect (12 pounds in 3 months). I told him I couldn't entirely blame the medicine because I am the one shoving the food in my mouth and making decisions about what I eat. He laughed and then said maybe I have a thyroid problem. I told him that I'm probably just not as careful about what I'm eating as I used to be. He sent me off for blood work anyway. *sigh* I suppose it is the American way to always want to have an excuse for any problems they have. Why should I be any different?

So, I made it home around 5:00 and made chicken with fettuccine alfredo and green beans. Don't be impressed about the alfredo ... it's the frozen bag from Trader Joes ... that stuff is delicious. I love Trader Joes!

Again, Lauren and I worked downstairs for about an hour. I can't really say we accomplished much because we ran into an envelope full of love letters from my high school boyfriend. Lauren was having a lot of laughs at my expense. He was quite deep for an 18 year old, but also very sappy!

That was yesterday ... I'm going to have my coffee and start today.

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Melisa said...

I miss a lot of days!

Hope the blood work is all good!