Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The "Olden" Days

FYI ... I'm really behind on a ton of things, so I'm just writing "bullet points" to remind myself what I should write about ... I'll add more detail later. I'm just a forgetful person sometimes!

Our house guest, Moshmee, left town, but Kevin and I met back up with her on Saturday night at an outdoor concert venue called Ravinia. It was awesome and the Gypsy Kings were of course very exciting. It was nice to see Cormic and Nadine, too.

I spent Monday cleaning the house and then horrible storms passed just to our north on Monday night. We lost our power and since we're on well water, that means no water. I hate not having water. Kevin went to bed about 8:00 p.m. and Lauren and I stayed up laughing about how everything we wanted to do was electricity based. "What did people do in the olden days?" We couldn't even play Apples to Apples since it was just two of us. So, we started harassing our two brothers via text. Yes, no power, and yet, somehow ... we manage to find a way to use modern technology to entertain ourselves. Our other options that we considered were reading poetry to each other or seeing how far we could get in singing the score to The Secret Garden. The next morning, still no power. Lubbock and I went to the nearest McDonalds for breakfast then came home ... still no power. We went to the library for an hour or so then came home ... still no power. We went to Target and wandered (bought diapers, which by the way went up $2) then came home ... still no power. I finally decided that at this point, I was risking losing the food in my fridge if we didn't get our generator hooked up, so I asked Kevin to come home from work. He got home a little after 1:00 p.m. and hooked up the generator and then worked from home as well as he could with just his Blackberry. At about 5:00 p.m., we decided to check into a hotel for the night ... Ahhhhhh, shower ... how I missed you! We invited Lauren to join us, but the hotel was very far away since everyone in our area had checked in the night before. She sent me a text around midnight saying we had power. YAAAA! So, we stayed the night in the hotel since we paid for it and we already there. Kevin got to sleep in a little since the hotel was pretty close to his work. Lubbock and I packed up the room and came home to get ready for our playgroup at Jen & Haley's house. He's taking a nap and I have to take a shower (again), but I thought I'd get a quick entry done.

I do have pictures to post, but the computer's being really slow right now. Maybe I'll get those up after I catch up on laundry tonight!

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Melisa said...

That is such a bummer about the storm! Scary! I thought I left all of that in OK, but we've had some doozies here too! Glad ya'll are back!