Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You're Not in Texas Anymore

Kevin was so sad when he got home yesterday. He got his birth certificate and exchanged his Texas driver's license for an Illinois one. I'm sure it's got to be weird to open your wallet and see a completely foreign ID in there. He said the first time he hears "Oh, you're from Illinois" when he's in Texas is going to be really hard for him. He would much rather hear "Oh, you're from Texas" when he's up here. I felt bad for him.

Heather dropped off Eleanor today for a little bit so she could take Joey for a haircut. Eleanor is really cute and she's a really good big sister to both Joey (and surrogate-ly) to Lubbock. Heather brought over lunch from Panera and we talked for a little bit until it was obvious that all the kids were ready for a nap.

So, that's where we are now. Lubbock's napping. Laundry and dishes are going. Pork chops are marinating in a garlic parmesan dressing. I can't decide if I want to take a nap myself, so I figured I'd turn everything off and blog for a minute.

My dad called earlier and said that he and his new wife (Colleen ... long O), booked flights to come out toward the end of September. It will be really nice to get to know her a little better. My dad's on his 6th marriage. I really hate saying that since most people know I grew up Mormon and so, immediately, they assume I mean six wives. No, these all happened separately. I am able to see already that Colleen is taking an interest in us and isn't jealous of him wanting to spend time with us, so that's really nice. I just want him to be happy and for Colleen to be able to enjoy her visit in Illinois.

This is making for a busy month, though. We've got a trip to the lake house, I've got a Saturday class to learn how to "man the polls" for Election Day, a big trip to a kid's clothing sale planned with other moms ... okay, maybe not that busy. Still feels like it.

Oh! I found out Hayes Carll (my new music crush) is going to be in Chicago on 11/5, so I got tickets. He's playing at this really tiny bar that looks like it only seat 80 according to the website. It will be awesome to see him in such a small venue. Kevin really likes him, too. His music reminds us of Texas. It should be a good night. We just have to figure out if we want to stay downtown that night or hire a towncar because I don't like being irresponsible when it comes to late nights and driving.

I think I'm going to see about a quick nap ... maybe. I'm not much for napping, but lying down never hurt anyone.

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