Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Drink and a Mop

Oh, it's been so busy around here. My sister found a super cute third floor to rent in this beautiful 1900 Victorian style home. They have lush flower gardens planted all over the property and an outdoor game room! I'm happy she found such a nice place to rent ... and it's only about a mile away, so she's still able to stop by. In fact, she moved out on Friday, but we've still seen her everyday since.

Lubbock discovered recently that if you have keys in your hand, you're leaving. When he notices the keys, he runs over and hugs your leg and cries ... no, screams. When Lauren left yesterday, I put Lubbock in his crib and closed the door to his room. Lauren left quietly and when I let Lubbock out of his room, he wandered around looking for Lauren, but at least there was no fit throwing.

I just forgot what I titled this entry ... let me explain. Since moving to Illinois, there are only a few things I miss ... fried okra, Mexican food, and a Sonic drink. Well, my friends, I can make my own fried okra and Mexican food, but my wait for Sonic is over! The one they've been building only 4 or 5 miles away is officially open for business. Kevin drove by yesterday and said that every stall was filled and the drive-thru line was completely backed up. Alas, I will still brave the wait and submit myself to the torture of sitting in a parked car with a 15 month old in order to once again enjoy the goodness of a "Medium Diet Coke, easy on the ice"! Kevin also wants me to bring his team some Cherry Limeades. He just hasn't let me know how many.

As for the mop ... Since I've been a stay-at-home mom, I have started to take great pride in making sure my house is clean. I only get around to it about once a week, but I like to be completely in the zone when I do clean. This week, Kevin took Lubbock for the full week's grocery shopping while I cleaned. (Side story: It reminds me of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode when he comes back with 10 boxes of 1 ply tissue and all sorts of other "wrong" stuff. Kevin bought the "wrong" paper towels ... he got the kind that have little flowers, while I like the completely white ones ... the other ones just mess with my OCD-ness. He got the gelpac dishwasher thingys and I like the powder ones with the Jet Dry ball. He got two rotten avocados and I like non-rotten ones. Then, to top it all off, two pints of Ben and Jerry's. Who needs that? Not us!) Anyway, I used to be able to afford a housekeeper, but since I'm not working, she didn't really fit into the budget. So, I've been trying to do my best to keep the floors as clean as she did. I first tried the Hoover FloorMate. It's like a vacuum that mops, too. Unfortunately, it didn't do a good job getting into the little grooves of the linoleum. So, I tried the sponge mop that fold over on itself to drain the water. But, when I pushed down on it to scrub really hard, it would keep flipping over. So, I tried the kind you push down on the handle and it squeezes the sponge, but the rods on either side keep chewing up the sponge and now it's falling apart. I just bought the dang thing two months ago. I've done some internet research on what kind of mop others recommend and there's two of them. One is the Libman Wonder Mop and the other is the Oxo Good Grips Roller Mop. (Well, actually people recommend hand and knees ... I've done that twice and do agree that it is the best, but my whole house needs to be mopped and that's a very long process.) I'm just not sure the string kind of mop is appropriate for a wood floor. But, I'm going to go investigate these two kinds of mops and buy yet another mop.

Wow! My life is really un-exciting if I can fill a whole entry on the trials and tribulations of my mopping career! Lubbock sounds like he's ready for his breakfast. Then, its off to Sonic.


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Melisa said...

Mmmm, SONIC! I love Sonic. Tater tots, jalapeno poppers, limeades, oh my! Now you're making me hungry. :)

I wish I could be a good housekeeper. My house is always in various stages of disarray. Today, worse than usual as I was gone for 3 days. Sigh. So much to do! And instead, I'm reading blogs... ;)