Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lubbock's Day Out

Nothing exciting to write ... of course, I just woke up. I'm going to try to get a shower in before Lubbock wakes up. I enrolled him in a Mother's Day Out program. It's Wednesday morning from 9 to noon. I figured it would be nice to have a scheduled block of time to devote to housework. When writing it on the calendar, however, I started to write "Mother's Day Out" and realized what a misleading name that is. I'm not going out! Lubbock's going out ... so around these parts, it's known as "Lubbock's Day Out!"

I only enrolled in the Wednesdays we didn't have guests in town and didn't do the first Wednesdays of the month because I've been joining my friend Gretchen at a Mom's Together program at her church. It's really nice. They provide daycare and then you go and sit with about 150 other local Moms, eat breakfast, and then listen to a speaker on an array of topics. My favorite one was about marriage and what our husbands need from us. It was a while ago, but I realized that by spending money unnecessarily, it's actually being disrespectful to Kevin. He works hard to earn that money and his efforts should be appreciated.

Crud, Lubbock's awake! I guess a shower will have to wait.

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