Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Unimpressive Santa Picture

Last year, Lubbock was about seven months old when we visited Santa. I was very worried about what his reaction would be. He spent a while looking at Santa and it was very hard to get him to look at the camera. The photo we wound up with looked much like a mug shot ... for both of them. I don't think Santa was ready and Lubbock was just confused about the whole situation.

This year, I thought we may have a meltdown. We arrived at the mall with the plan that he had just had his nap, we'd have lunch, then get in line while he played for a while. Hoping he'd have the perfect balance of food and energy-excertion. Well, this is what we got this year. Much the same. Santa looks more like he was expecting the picture, though.

I'm sorry if you're expecting more of a post, but we've been super busy here. The drive was exhausting ... we left home at 7:30p-ish and arrived in Oklahoma City at 9a on Saturday. We hung out with Kara & Bryan and their three kids on Saturday, woke up Sunday morning, had breakfast with Gigi (my grandmother, Lubbock's great-grandmother ... g g ... Gigi ... her real name is Joyce) and my Aunt Pam ... drove to Texas. Lubbock still wasn't feeling well. His ears were obviously still bothering him since he has been rubbing them even more. Sunday night we put Lubbock to bed thinking we'd get a nice night's sleep. Lubbock woke up "losing his lunch" ... so to speak. So, we were up the rest of the night. Sigh! He's feeling better now. We've finally started our Christmas shopping ... still not done. But, tomorrow being Christmas Eve, I think tomorrow will be an even more crazy day.

I promise a really long, picture-full blog when we arrive back in cold, cold, cold, cold, cold Batavia.


Melisa said...

I think it is a cute picture!

Wow, it sounds like a super long couple of days. Here is to hoping you get a nice and restful vacation!

Jen said...

At least you got a picture! We waited in line for a half hour and Hailey screamed like crazy when I tried to hand her off to Santa.