Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bottle Cap Business

Gretchen was kind enough to host a Holiday Market for all of her entrepreneurial friends to show off their goods this afternoon.

The youngest of the business-minded gals included her daughter, Meredith, and Meredith's friend, Mollie. They are super crafty ... they make fleece pillows, decorated purses and bags, picture frames and fashion necklaces out of bottle caps! The back of the bottle cap has a magnet affixed to it and you can interchange the bottle caps to match whatever your mood is for that day. What a clever idea ... and cute, too!

I bought a few because the designs matched my kitchen and I can use the bottle caps as magnets. Who couldn't use more kitchen magnets?

If you're looking to purchase these little pieces of handmade perfection ... visit It's a Girl Thing in downtown Geneva. If I had a girl, I'm sure it would be a place we would spend many an afternoon.

I thought the picture with the tree in the middle was quite representative of the two of them. They were moving around so much all afternoon that I couldn't get a picture of them standing still. They're such smart business women already. If they didn't have a specific product, they had an order sheet for special requests ... promising to get back to them as soon as possible. And of course, the best business decision was the offer to hold Lubbock while I looked at all the goodies. Such a promising future, those two!

There was a Stampin' Up rep and Tastefully Simple rep, too. They had beautiful and delicious holiday ideas. At this point, however, Lubbock was infinitely more interested in trying to destroy said displays than allowing me to look at them for any amount of time.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Michelle of The Blackberry Briar. She makes hand poured soy candles (and is a doll maker and artist as well). Even before speaking to her, I was a fan of soy candles for several reasons. They don't produce a sooty smoke and they burn more slowly than your traditional candle will. So, I couldn't resist buying a small candle for the bathroom (in the Apple Tango scent) and a large candle (Bittersweet Berry) for the living room ... I can't wait to burn these. Instead, right now, I'm sitting here just smelling it. And smelling it. And smelling it. The berry candle just smells of winter warm pie (it's a good thing, I promise!).

So, after all that excitement ... Lubbock and I went home to work on putting our tree together with the help of Aunt Lo. I still think the tree is crooked and is lacking a little something on the top, so I'm not fully prepared to post pictures (lest you think there's something in my house that's less than perfect). Such high standards.


Melisa said...

Oh great! Now I'm embarrassed for posting my tree in all it's glory. Perfectionist, I am not.

That sounds like a really cool shopping experience. It is so nice to shop from real people and not mega-chains.

Michelle said...

It was so lovely to meet you last night!! It isn't everyday that I find a new blogging friend!

Thanks so much for blogging about the fun we had last night and about my candles!!! Please enjoy them! Your little one is just adorable!!! I am so glad to have met you both.

Many Blessings,