Monday, December 15, 2008

The Best Christmas Ever

Yesterday, I hosted the Open House Drop Off for everyone who participated with me in sponsoring a family through TriCity Family Services. What a complete success!

I really appreciate all my friends who bought gifts for this local family. It warms my heart to know that as I sit around the tree with my family on Christmas morning, opening presents, that there will be another family able to do the same thing.

At the open house, I supplied everything you would need to wrap the presents ... wrapping paper, scissors, tape, bows, ribbon, cheese, crackers, and wine. I bought the cinnamon almonds from Trader Joe's and they were yummy. High on my holiday list. And if you haven't tried the cracked pepper and olive oil Triscuits yet ... you don't know what you're missing. Enough about food!

Let's talk about the wine. I've found my new favorite ... Well Read. It's an organic red wine that's made without sulfates. If drinking wine gives you a headache, it could be that you're allergic to sulfates. This is the only brand I've found so far made without sulfates, and I found that I have less sinus pressure with this wine. And it's a bonus that it's organic. For all my non-drinking friends out there ... you should try 7-up's new pomegranate flavor ... it is really refreshing. And I think it would be good mixed with orange juice.

One more product ... the heavenly soy candles I bought from The Blackberry Briar were burning and everyone that walked in said they could smell them from outside. They loved them. So, I know you won't be disappointed in them either.

Back to the open house ... Heather was the only guest for a while, so I sent her back home to get her own families presents that she hadn't yet wrapped! I haven't wrapped any of the presents I have yet, either. Not that this is a big deal since I think I've only purchased three gifts so far this year. I've been so lazy this year. In fact, I have a wedding gift that I purchased over the summer and haven't wrapped and haven't given yet. The wedding was in Texas, so we weren't able to go, but I just haven't gotten around to giving the gift yet. What are the time constraints on wedding gift giving?

Not to keep harping on things I haven't done ... but, I haven't started on the pretzels yet. I did, however, do a test batch to see if my peanut butter chocolate ones were going to work ... I think they are going to work. They'll be a little tedious, but ... isn't that what Christmas is all about?


Well, let's face it ... there's only 10 days left. But, around here ... this is the one day of the season that I decide not to focus on Christmas. Instead, I focus on me. It's my birthday! Yah! It's been great so far. I'll do a separate posting later to tell you all about my day!

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Melisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Eat some ice cream for me, okay?

You are so thoughtful to do all that for another family. What a woman.

I'll have to try that pomegranate soda. I love those! And those Triscuit are SO DELISH! mmmm

As for wedding gifts, I think it is a year actually...