Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Tree Is Up

Aunt Lo came by and placed ornaments on the tree as I tied elastic ribbon to each ball. They are non-breakable, but I did not want to use metal hooks, so I opted for the extremely tedious task of affixing the ribbon to each. Knowing how OCD I am, Lauren agreed to help with the condition I didn't critique her work. Not only did I not say anything, I didn't move anything! (Big step, I know!) Mostly, by the time it was all said and done, I was too tired ... but ... she did a great job, too!

We've gone with a deep red, brown, bronze, and gold theme. I found some fabric that I will have made into a tree skirt and stockings. I just need to find some brown faux fur for the top!

I plan on using the leftover fabric to make some small bird ornaments. I think that if I spray it with fabric stiffener ... I should be able to make it work ... but basically it will look like this. (It's the 7th picture down.) But the fabric will look help bring the colors on the tree and the orange in the living room together. Orange is a Christmas color, right? Well, in my house it is.

Other decorations around the house include: an undecorated wreath on the front door, a small pre-lit tree in the master bedroom, and a metal Santa statue in the living room. It's too dark and gloomy outside for me to get great pictures of anything, so those will have to wait for another day.

Speaking of gloomy ... It appears that I have been selected for jury duty in January. I got the letter today. I don't think they'll choose me since I have so much experience as an injury adjuster ... that pretty much precludes you because they assume you start off agreeing with the prosecutor. Whatever ... It's $10/day! Even less than working the polls!

And speaking of polls ... with the Governor's charges today, there is talk of a special election in relation to filling Obama's seat. I may be able to work another 15 hour day for $145! Woo hoo! The economy's lookin' better and better!

And speaking of ... well, there's not a great transition for this one ... my big time sorority White Elephant party was canceled for tonight. It's getting icy out there and they don't want to drive on it. I can't blame them, but ... man, I cleaned the house for nothing! Okay, I never got around to mopping the floors ... but, maybe I'll do that when Lubbock goes to bed since Kevin will be at a work thingy. The one nice thing about work thingys is that I get to eat at Taco Bell. Mmmm.


Melisa said...

Beautiful tree! I love that first picture. What a good eye for photography you have.

Sorry about the cancellation. Will it be rescheduled? At least you have a clean house. More than I can say...

Enjoy Taco Bell for me. Mmm. I love Taco Bell.

Jen said...

I second that! You are a great photographer. What's your secret?