Monday, December 15, 2008

The Silly Monkey Birthday

I knew Kevin and Lubbock were up to something yesterday. They got dressed in some very warm clothing (except Kevin wore flip flops and he didn't put socks on Lubbock ... just shoes) and left to "run errands." I just sighed and possibly even rolled my eyes.

Having complete control of the household, I knew there were very few errands that Kevin could know about and even fewer that he would offer to run! But I also knew that for the next few hours, there would be random women entering our house, dropping off their donations ... I can see how he'd rather leave then listen to the endless chatter of wives nearing Christmas.

They came home just in time to send off the stragglers and he said he couldn't find what he knows I want. How is it that he can know what I want, but I don't? He's so wise.

He made hamburgers for us (mine was blue cheese and grilled onions ... yum) and we settled in to watch the Dallas Cowboys game. He and Lubbock disappeared again toward the back of the house. "What are you two up to?" "None of your business."

So, I decided to see if I couldn't get an early night's sleep and snuggled into the couch at about 8p! I think I was asleep around 8:01p. I heard some clanking dishes occasionally and then my husband re-appeared with Lubbock. He put Lubbock to bed and sat down in his chair. No mention of the time spent on the other side of the house. Hmmm. Suspicious. I decided not to concern myself with it too much and went back to sleep.

A little later, Kevin woke me up and asked if I wanted to go to bed. As I walked by the kitchen, I saw all the dishes were done and the counter tops wiped down ... I thought to myself that that alone was a great birthday present.

He said "I'm not leaving you with the button hook tomorrow." I don't know where we got that term from ... button hook. But, it's basically when someone does something that makes your life harder. For instance, Kevin gives me the button hook when uses all the hot water and doesn't tell me. So, a morning without dishes ... the opposite of the button hook. Anyway ...

I woke up in the morning and as I approached the coffee pot (usually my first stop of the morning), I saw a card. It's from Kevin. A very wordy, appropriate card for the two of us. I love him.

I turned around and poking out of Lubbock's drawer was another card. "Monkeys are silly." That put such a smile on my face. I imagine that it's exactly what Lubbock would say when he learns about how silly monkeys are.

So, that was my birthday morning. What a great way to start it. What a great present.

Brandy sent me a text yesterday inviting Lubbock and I to a birthday lunch. So, we accepted. We hung out at Target and then parted ways so that the boys could take their naps. They're too cute together. If the carts got too far away, they immediately let us know this so we could correct the problem. Those monkeys are silly.

Now, here I am ... writing my blog. I've had 15 people say Happy Birthday via Facebook (and one attempted sent card ... it just won't pull up). I've received a birthday card from our financial advisor, my husband, and Lubbock. One email. And four phone calls. Not bad. I love this one day of the holiday season where I can selfishly do what I want to do ... and calories don't count.


Jen said...

That was me who sent the Facebook card - darn it! Well at least I'm not too late. It's still your birthday for another 5 hours and 19 minutes.

Happy Birthday!

Melisa said...

Happy birthday! What a sweetheart Kevin is! So impressive!

And I insist upon being included in the groupies category. When I tried to add blogs to that 'I'm following" thing, it screwed up my Google Reader. I'm still a groupies! ;)