Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The New Years Card

Have I mentioned that I'm not doing Christmas cards this year? Ya, how unlike me ... but, I am sending out New Years cards. I just couldn't get my act together in time to devote enough time to the Christmas card thing. I didn't get the photo shoot set up for family photos and didn't get around to even getting a good photo of Lubbock until Saturday.

I'm not using these photos, but thought they were great in all their own ways. The first one because it cracks me up that he still comes at me when I'm taking his picture. You can see the beginnings of dimples and I love the way his eyes turn up when he smiles.

This one is great because it's just the typical Lubbock look. He's oh, so serious. Most of the time.

And I really like this one because of the lighting and his little red nose and cheeks. I really am lucky, aren't I?


Melisa said...

You have skills girl. Wow! And he is so cute!!!

Jen said...

Yes, you are very lucky!!! All of us in playgoup are very lucky for that matter. All of our children are happy & healthy. What else could we possibly ask for?