Monday, September 15, 2008

The Tile Options

I'm trying to decide between these two floor tiles ... I think I like the octagon ones better, I just can't make up my mind.

We're having the leaky surround ripped out and putting tile up on the walls, too. At first, I wanted the 3x6 subway tiles, but our bathroom is kind of small and I thought having all the small floor tiles and small wall tiles would be overwhelming, so I decided to go with an 8x10 tile placed in a subway-style pattern.

It should be done early to mid October, but the downer about it is that I'll be without a bathroom for at least 36 hours. We've only got the one bathroom and the toilet will be removed in order to lay the tile. I should really make sure my neighbors will be home while I have this done!

Input appreciated!


Melisa said...

You are speaking Greek to me. Surround? Subway style and subway tiles?

Yes, neighbors will come in handy during that time. I can't wait to get our tiling done, but I think yours will be done before mine will...

Oh, by the way, I liked the first one best.

Jen said...

I like the octagons! They really go with the style of your house.