Monday, September 8, 2008

Kane County Flea Market

Kevin and I have been trying to find things around town that can take up a good part of the day without 'busting the bank.' So, I've been keeping an eye on the paper for fairs and festivals around town. We found out that one the largest flea markets is right down the road from us. It's the first weekend of every month (until it gets too cold) and is only $5 a person to get in.

We were going to go on Saturday, but I went to the class on how to be a vote center volunteer and sat by some woman with icky perfume. By the time I decided to move, the class was so full, I would have had to ask someone to move their bag and it would have just been a big commotion. So, I waited for break ... too late, though. I had the biggest headache. I thought maybe I would feel better after lunch, but we just went home and I took a three hour nap. That was really nice.

So, we went on Sunday morning and had so much fun, we will probably go again next month to spend more time ... and be better prepared.

I was trying to look cute and had my brown sandles and a denim skirt on. Definitely a tennis shoe event. The booths are set up on gravel, so every time I stepped wrong on a big rock, I felt like I was rolling my ankle. Also, I'll take better care of my caramel popcorn. I set my bag on the back of the car while I loaded the stroller up and ka-boom! It spilled all over the place. I was so sad ... but not sad enough to go buy another bag.

But, we saw lots of cute furniture and lawn ornaments. I could have gone crazy with aprons ... I love aprons, even though I hardly ever wear one. I don't want to make them dirty!

We were home in time for football. Kevin is really sad because Tom Brady is his quarterback in his fantasy team and he's likely out for the rest of the season. Bummer.

Today, Lubbock and I went to a 'make-up' playdate with everyone. Now, we're home and Lubbock went down for a nap. I think I'm going to try to get dinner started since it's a crockpot request of my husband's. It sounds totally gross to me, but his mom said it was good ... basically it's porkchops and pork n' beans ... I like both these foods, but what's the need to cook them together? We'll find out.

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Melisa said...

You'll have to let me know how the recipe turns out. I desperately need crock pot recipes. :)