Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll Catch You!

In today's mail, I finally received our McCain/Palin yard signs. I proudly posted it in our front yard and walked out to throw the trash out, it was thrown in the street. It was only up for two hours!

My current theory is that the high school kids did it on their walk home. I'll have to stand guard tomorrow. It sucks to live in Barack country.

Fair warning to the students of Batavia High School: I'll be watching you.

I need a life!

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Melisa said...

This kinda cracks me up and worries me at the same time. My neighbor has her Obama sign up. And the other day I heard two kids that couldn't have been over 12 talking about how cool Obama is. Heaven help this country. If we get socialized medicine it is going to be bad. Very bad. Who would want to spend about 13 years in school and hundreds of thousands in tuition to not make enough to ever pay it back? Uh, that would be "no sane person".