Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Have a Bedroom?

The least utilized room in my house is my bedroom. (I will post pictures, but not until my bedspread is clean!) **Added later** I decided to post in it's present state ... bed unmade and everything. In the first picture, you can see the room color. The red blanket isn't the bedspread ... the bedspread is up by the pillows. The second picture shows the entertainment center and the photos in our room. The ones of me are when I was pregnant and then one of Kevin & Lubbock (shown last). We still need to move them to the wall with the mirror (third picture ... sorry it's blurry), but that's a project we just haven't gotten to. We re-arranged the furniture a while ago, but didn't move all the wall decorations around.

First, I hate the color. In an effort to 'get my way' with the decorating of the rest of the house, I agreed to let Kevin pick out the colors for that room. Sigh. He chose dark, deep red with chocolate brown trim. It's a fine color combination, but not when some people have garages bigger than your house. I don't like being in there since it feels like the room is smaller each time I go to bed.

Second, it's really the cat's bedroom and I'm allergic to her. If I'm in there too long, I start to sneeze and have itchy eyes. I have to take allergy pills before going to bed just to sleep through the night.

Third, I forget about it. I know that sounds weird, but it's a completely out of sight, out of mind mentality when it comes to that. When I go to bed at night, it's dark and I can't tell exactly how dusty it is.

I sleep in there, wake up and don't go back in until I am going back to bed at night. Therefore, I honestly can say that I'm not sure I've done a thorough cleaning in there since Lubbock was born. Sad, I know. But, this was the focus of yesterday, clean the least visited room in our house. It's almost done, but it meant bad things for the rest of my house. Things that don't belong in our bedroom were moved out of it and haven't found a new home yet. I guess since my dad and Colleen are coming tomorrow night, I should get busy.

We hosted our playgroup today. Rachel & Austin couldn't make it today, so it was Brandy & Evan and Jen & Haley and Sergio. Sergio is a new addition to our group since Jen is watching him during the day. If there's one thing our group needs it's more testosterone! Poor Haley doesn't have any other girls to play with in the group. It's okay, though ... they all get along really well and I have a fun time talking to the moms. Mostly about kids stuff (Is this normal? How do you get them to do this?), but it's really great that we understand the life of a stay at home mom.

Lubbock's now down for his nap and when he wakes up, we're going for a walk since I didn't get out this morning. Not for a lack of wanting ... I went to the first meeting of the year for my sorority alumni association last night. I'm the youngest member in the group by at least 20 years. I kind of like it because it's fun to hear old stories and be reminded that things don't really change that much. But, man! Can these ladies talk! I arrived at 7:30p and started to try to leave at 9:00p without much success. And they can drink, too. I didn't have anything because my intent was to get up this morning, but when I got home and it was well past 10:00p, I decided it would be best to get a good night's rest. I can get out in the afternoon. There's another group of moms that walk once a week or so and I haven't really met them, so I'm excited to see what they're all about. I like having friends in different "circles" and being able to have them all over is always fun.

I promise to post pictures of the bedroom today ... hold me to it.

Okay ... pictures added as promised. The last picture is my favorite of Kevin and Lubbock. Lubbock was 8 weeks old in this picture. He was so little!


Melisa said...

I'm so behind in cleaning. Sigh. I don't even want to think about it...

Why do you have a cat if you are allergic? You must really love cats. ;)

How lovely to have so many friends for so many situations! That is wonderful!

Melisa said...

I just now saw the pictures. I must say that I love the wall color. It does make the room dark, but it is a really pretty color! :)