Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Self Diagnosis and an Announcement

I have diagnosed myself with runner's knee. The course I have mapped out has a bicycle lane that I had used for the first few days of walking. It is slightly sloped toward the curb and this creates more stress on my left leg (it's always the "short" leg). I did notice after the first day that it was sore and after a few days, I noticed the slope, so I moved to the sidewalk. I think it was too late and damage was done. According to the internet, I need to rest, ice, and stretch. I think I'll get back out on Monday and take it slower for a few weeks. Just an update for everyone out there.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse self diagnosis as this is not an effective way to determine possible long term damage!

Also, I'm starting a giveaway on my blog! One of my favorite blogs does this and (while she has many more readers than I) she had almost 900 people enter in her last one. How fun! I think it would be a fun thing to do and a great way to draw comments out of people! Can I use any more exclamation points!?!

Here's the first one ... a handmade card by yours truly. The little metal tag says 'happy day.'

To enter, just post a comment on this entry ... you don't need to say something specific, just 'hey' or 'I think you're the most beautiful person on Earth' will do. I'll have Lubbock pick out the winner next week.

Good luck to all my readers.

I better get some work done before I have to hop on the train for the James concert ... I can't wait.

I'm back ... I found this awesome website ... ... I hope you find it as fascinating as I do. It's a collection of found grocery lists. I don't know if it's real, but it is really funny. They also have an "Ultimate Grocery List" that you can print out, but it had a bunch of stuff that I never buy on it (hot dogs ... yuck!) ... perhaps a good start, though, if you're trying to make a master list.


Melisa said...

'hey' and 'I think you're the most beautiful person on Earth'. How's that? :)

I hope your knee feels better. Maybe you should try water aerobics for a little while...

Enjoy James for me!

Melisa said...

BTW, impressive card making ability! I can't craft to save my life.

Jen said...

Cute! Were you inspired by the class we took? I make cards for everyone! They're probably so sick of it!