Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Tin Man

Dear Friends ... I may have unknowingly exposed myself to a deadly situation. Perhaps, a little dramatic, but hear me out. Didn't the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz die from being painted silver?

I chose silver envelopes for my New Years cards and upon pressing them closed, the silver rubbed off on my finger. *Gasp* I immediately felt the familiar sound of angels calling me toward them, but warded off their efforts by using soap and cold water (our water heater is killing me, too, and Kevin doesn't want to look at it until this weekend ... I might try to fix it myself since our dear friend, RJ, showed me how).

Other things that are killing me include my inability to consume enough liquid (as shown by the deep crevices in the finger above). Since my week long bought with all things icky (I'll spare you), I have been super thirsty. The good side effect is the jump start to a more healthy year. I'm drinking tons of water and am less hungry.

And the thought that Friday is Kevin's office party. I can't help fight off the feeling that I'm frumpy when I go to one of these. I've always felt like that ... even back in the day. I think I have a hard time being social when there's more people in an area. I am better in small groups. I've always told Kevin that I consider myself more of an acquired taste (like beer). At first, people don't know quite what to make of me ... I'm an over-sharer, am really lame most of the time, have a third grader's sense of humor, and on occasion, I talk with my mouth full. I think most people like me once they give me a chance, but I also think most people don't stick around long enough to see past my quirks. Anyway, I'm choosing instead to dwell on what to wear to not feel frumpy. I do not own anything in my current size fancy enough to attend a steakhouse dinner party and am not wanting to invest an a nice outfit for the event either.

Brandy and I went to Target this morning and I tried this dress on. It was okay, but since I'm so short, I felt like it was a few inches too long on me. So, instead of spending the money on a dress that is just okay, I think I may try my luck at a thrift store this afternoon. I haven't gone to one of these for myself in ages. I'll keep you updated on my shopping safari.

I haven't blogged (I mean a proper blog) in so long, I seem a little out of practice with thoughts even more scattered around than usual, so I appreciate you reading through this entire entry (if you haven't given up on me yet). I promise to get back in proper blogging form soon.

I've missed you.


Melisa said...

I missed you too! So glad you are back!

I don't know about dying from silver, but George's fiance was poisoned by the glue on envelopes. :)

I cannot CANNOT live without hot water. Total deal breaker for me. Brad laughs at me when I wash dishes because I have to have it hot. I can't stand cold water. In an ironic twist, I just posted about this...

I always feel so frumpy at work parties. So, I try to avoid them. Easier now that he lives in another state, but anyway...

Love you!

Jen said...

Call us if you need help with the water heater!
I don't think you're an "acquired taste". I liked you the first time we met! I think you're a warm, caring person who I'm proud to call a friend!