Monday, January 19, 2009

The City Folk

Are you sick of me yet? I have a lot to catch up on ... so here we go ...

Nadine and Cormac visited us this weekend. It was really nice of them to drive out from the city since we're not very good at getting down there ourselves.

My sister graciously offered to babysit (or did I practically force her?). We went to our favorite restaurant, The Turf Room. I don't think they have a website, so the link is for a review that I absolutely agree with.

Kevin and I both ordered a glass of wine and while we were looking through the menu, we were brought a Chef's Tasting of chicken confit. I can't remember what sauce was served with it, but it was pretty yummy. (And impressive since I had never been served a Chef's Tasting before ... I felt very fancy!)

I ordered tortellini (chicken with spinach and cheese tortellini, pesto sauce, pine nuts, and goat cheese), Nadine ordered a coconut curry chicken pizza (it was the perfect amount of sweetness), Kevin ordered a New York strip steak served with a fried onion stack, and roasted fingerling potatoes (they tasted like at the last minute they were deep fried ... and you can't go wrong with that), and Cormac got the Turducken (I think mainly because he didn't know it really existed).

Everyone offered their dishes up for tasting and I tried it all except the Turducken. I'm just not that adventurous. He said it was good, though, and I'll take his word for it.

Then, for dessert (I've already had a creamy pasta dish ... what's a few more calories, right?) I shared a delicious bread pudding based on s'mores. It had a chocolate sauce and marshmallow on top. I'm regretting that I left some of it there because I would eat it right now.

Give me a moment.

Okay, I'm done. Oh, it really was heavenly.

So, if you're looking for a great place to go ... give it a try. My favorite part of the meal, of course, was the absolutely perfect company. I have so much fun when I'm with Nadine and Cormac. The conversation never dulled and I can't wait to hang out with them again. We'll have to get up our nerves for a trip downtown soon so we can check out their side of town.

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Melisa said...

That sounds like a great restaurant. I love going to super-fancy places. But I don't go often. What is Chef's tasting? Turducken? I don't get out much, remember?