Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Tagged Photo

Jen had a photo tag and since I've run out of material to ramble about, here's mine. 4th photo in the 4th folder. Proof that I am in desperate need of a better camera ... mine takes too long to focus and so I either wind up with a photo of something one or two seconds after what I really wanted or a blurry photo. I've learned to embrace the blurry photo, however.

This photo is from about a month ago ... Lubbock eating yogurt with a spoon. Me being very brave since I really hate messes. Really hate messes.

We've not had yogurt again.

Not that this is really on topic (I do realize I wasn't really on an interesting topic anyway), but tomorrow is the five year anniversary of when Kevin proposed. It's really insane to think that five years ago, we lived in Oklahoma City and couldn't even imagine what a kid in our life would mean. Now, here we are. It's been a really great last five years.

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Melisa said...

I hear ya on the camera. I would just love a new one. Our current one was purchased before Daven was born.

Happy celebrating. ;)