Monday, January 5, 2009

The Shortest Posting

12/31 ... got sick (again, and again, and again) ... canceled New Year's Eve plans with Brandy. Felt even worse because everyone else has canceled, too. (Felt even worser because I forgot her birthday.)

1/1 ... still sick with back aches, headache, and stomach ache. Go the ER. Have viral infection.

1/2 ... still feeling dizzy.

1/3 ... take a pregnancy test (just in case) and it's negative.

1/4 ... take it easy ... still having dizzy spells ... still can't eat much without getting queasy.

1/5 ... first have to finish New Years cards to send out and then will get back to the blog-o-sphere.


Melisa said...

Hope you can get back to 'normal strength' soon. You can always do Valentine's cards with me. :)

Melisa said...

Hope you are feeling good enough to post soon! Miss you!