Monday, January 19, 2009

The Coldest Day

To all my friends in Texas who have been complaining lately about the cold weather ... Puuuleeez!

This first picture is the inside of our front door. Frost. Ice. I'm aware that's a pretty hefty gap below the front door. We used to have weather stripping there, but I would find Lubbock face to the ground eating it. I figured it was probably better to have a gap there than allow my son to ingest ... whatever weather stripping is made of.

The second picture is the inside of a window. Again. Frost. Ice. Dang it's cold. I believe on this specific day, it was -32 (with a -50 wind chill) in Aurora. That's a few miles away and usually the closest city on the weather report, so I go with it.

Where the heck is the global warming everyone keeps complaining about?

We were very brave, though, and got out a few times last week. We went to a story time at Barnes & Noble and had lunch that day with my friend Meredith and her two kiddos. And we went to Target one day. (Is any week really complete without a trip to Target?) I went grocery shopping and worried about my groceries freezing if I stopped anywhere on the way home!

I'm not sure how much snow we've had, but it's plenty. I'll have to measure it later on today, but I'm guessing we've got about a foot of snow at least. I'm tired of it already!


Melisa said...

I think we only got to -25 without windchill. Shudder. We had frost inside our windows all the time in OK, but we haven't here. I wonder why that is? It is much colder here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what pictures, makes me want to go layer! I hope things have thawed for you :)