Friday, February 20, 2009

The Valentine Party

We hosted the Valentine Party for our playgroup and decided the kids should do an art project. Brandy, Jen, and Rachel are very patient mothers and allow their children to use things like markers, crayons, and paint. My idea of an art project is stickers. No mess to clean up.

Lubbock has, however, discovered that stickers are delicious. (You can see him trying to sneak one into his mouth in this picture.)

The kids exchanged Valentine cards and Lubbock tried eating his. I'm seeing a pattern with him ... I promise I feed my child!

The Valentines were really cute, but Lubbock ate the one Hailey gave him. I was able to save the one our resident artist made. Brandy placed letter stickers on a card and let Evan paint his wonderful masterpiece. She then pulled the stickers off and there you have it ... personalized Valentines! She's so creative (and don't say you aren't, Brandy)!

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