Friday, February 20, 2009

The First Ice Cream Cone

It really was such nice weather for one or two days. We met Kevin for lunch and Lubbock got to have his first ice cream cone. I put just enough in the cone to stick out. He couldn't decide if he liked it.

He watched Kevin and just imitated what he was doing. Kevin got down to actually eating the cone part of it and Lubbock couldn't get to the cone through the ice cream. What do you do in a situation like this? Well, Lubbock just turned the cone upside down and ate the cone from the bottom. I probably should have just given him the cone ... he like it much better than the ice cream.

Above his right eye, you can see the result of his independence. He wants to be a big boy so badly and he tries to do everything on his own. He was going up and down the cement stairs in the basement and fell down the last few ... nasty road rash. It's all healed now, but looked pretty gruesome for a few days.

With all the nice weather we had this day, he took a short nap, and we walked to our park. In keeping with his big boy attitude ... he decided to try the tall slide. I was so nervous because the slide is taller than I can reach. He is so brave. He climbed up the stairs, sat down, and pushed off ... laughing the entire way!
I just know he'll be the kind of kid that jumps off the high dive on the first day of swim classes. I was never that brave. I always stayed by the edge and held onto the wall. He must get this from Kevin.

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