Friday, February 20, 2009

The Boy That Doesn't Want to Share

One of the things we've noticed in playgroups is that the kids are really starting to have a heightened sense of what's theirs. Lots of "mine" and "my" and crying and pushing and shoving. I think it's a good argument for having a second child. (No offense to all my only child friends out there ... Kevin included!)

Lubbock's face is the reaction to his friend, Evan, wearing "his" cool orange hard hat. Evan kept putting it on and would walk around saying "Bob" ... as in 'the builder.' It was all pretty funny ... unless you were Lubbock.

I guess I can take the opportunity to annouce that we are officially trying for a second child. I think Kevin would say were in the 'not avoiding' category, but I'm keeping track of things and hoping that this time around, it doesn't take almost two years. It does, however, make for very anxious times around here for me. Any slight nausea or bad mood and I'm convinced I'm pregnant. I really should start buying pregnancy tests at Costco (I don't even know if they sell them there, but they do sell them at the dollar store ... how effective a $1 test is ... I dunno).

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Melisa said...

Ooooo, you are all official now. How exciting! Can't wait for the good news!