Monday, February 9, 2009

The Third Goal

I've been super busy working toward the third goal on my list for 2009 ... declutter by 50%. I'm sorry to say this has led me away from my blogging responsibilities and toward my basement.

I am, however, happy to report that I now have internet access in the playroom and may soon be able to write the occasional blog entry while watching Lubbock play with Lego. But ... not until I've completed the last few areas. Currently, the guest room is filled with donations. Perhaps two more trips to Goodwill are in order ... but, not without documenting everything for tax write-offs.

I have also hired a 'home management consultant' ... very weird ... I know. But, I just really feel as if I'm failing in the area of 'housewife' and this causes more stress in the area of 'mom.' And I don't feel like I am able to give my all to Lubbock when I'm consistently stressed about my surroundings. Perhaps a consultant is going overboard and maybe it's something a few more books and television specials could fix, but I'd rather get an outside opinion specifically directed toward me and my situation.

Most websites that I've reviewed offer advice, but don't take into account a 21-month-old or the possibility of a second child in the next year or so. I'm really excited about her first visit on Thursday. I'll try to post on Friday, but I'm getting so much done around here that blogging has taken a back seat for a short time.

Hopefully, I'll be back on the blog-wagon soon ... did I just make up a word? But, dear readers, I'm asking you this ... do you have a weekly routine that you stick to? Is there a daily routine that makes things run smoothly?


Anonymous said...

Sounds very productive, good luck with all of that :)

Melisa said...

Blog-wagon! Very cute!

I have a theory on house cleaning, but I haven't stuck to it well. Mondays is laundry and the basement. Tuesdays is menu/grocery list and the bedrooms. Wednesday is shopping and bathrooms. Thursday is laundry and the main floor. Fridays is the upstairs and Money. Does this ever happen? Nope.