Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Day Kevin Gets Off

Monday, March 2, marks the seven year anniversary of Kevin and I meeting. I only know that date because it's my brothers' birthday. I love telling people about how we met. So, you, too, will hear this story.

I was attending a birthday party for a girl I didn't know. I had been invited by an old college friend I had run into a few weekends prior. It was at a bar. I invited my roommate. We arrived and were standing around. This guy came up to the two of us and asked if he could buy us a drink. Of course you can.

He came back with the drinks and we started with the small talk necessary to thank a young man for a free drink ... I was very kind, right?

He mentioned something about having moved up to Oklahoma from Texas. "What part of Texas?" "Dallas." "I grew up around Dallas ... what part?" "Plano." "Oh."

Here's where I have to tell a side story ... if you're not from the Dallas in the mid-90s, you won't understand. Plano in the mid-90s was full of snobby little 'rich kids' ... kids left to their own devices on weekends with mommy and daddy's credit card and driving a better than I could imagine. I had dated "Plano boys" before and had no interest in trying another one out.

But, man ... he just wouldn't leave me alone. He kept buying me drinks and asked if we could play pool. He got really cocky and when there was this impossible shot left on the table ... he asked if I would kiss him if he made it. Sure ... he'll never make it. And, of course, he did.

I thought at the time that I had just been had and he was some professional pool player, but I've since learned that he's a really lousy pool player.

We exchanged numbers and parted ways. I went home and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up ... and I was hungry. And worse, I was broke. I decided to call this Kevin I had met the previous morning to see if he wanted to grab lunch. (His treat.) He agreed, but not until Trading Spaces was over.

Really ... he admitted watching that?

Anyway, we ate lunch and saw a movie ... perhaps one of only two or three we've ever seen together!

That was pretty much the end of that.

Hmmmm ... I really am out of practice in my blogging ... rambling on without getting to a quick point. My point in all this is that on Monday, March 2nd ... Kevin will not be at work. He's taking a personal day to ... do nothing. It's "Kevin Day" ... in celebration of ... Kevin.

I don't have any real plans ... I plan to leave him alone and let him rest. I know he could use some time to himself, so I'm sure I'll take Lubbock out for a little that afternoon.

Do I get a day, too, though? I should choose that date soon so I can mark it in the calendar!


Melisa said...

haha! How have I gone this long without hearing this story!! So funny! Enjoy Kevin's day off!

Do you not like watching movies or can you guys not agree on one to watch?

Jen said...

RJ & I also met in March 2002! We keep having weird stuff in common!