Friday, February 20, 2009

The Deep Topics

This blog isn't just about fun and games, right?

So, I mentioned hiring a home organizational consultant/life coach for housewives/therapist (although she mentioned several times that she's not a therapist ... as I'm sure she's required by law to do ... as in Dr. Laura isn't a doctor). Anyway ...

She came, we talked, and we organized. I think I was a little further along in my emotional organizing process than she's used to working with. I have already made many tough decisions about what I'm keeping and what's going. I was able to talk through a few things that I was having a hard time deciding about. So, that was helpful.

There were a few things I took away from it, though ... and I will share that with you.

*I set personal goals (to go along with the family goals). I'll talk about those later. But, the importance of this is not losing myself in the process of making a better home for my family.

*I need to use the tasks I enjoy doing throughout the day (blogging) as a reward for doing things I don't enjoy doing (everything else ... I'm kidding ... only kind of).

*I am not as bad as I think I am. I know lots of you have told me this, but it's always nice to have an outsiders perspective.

*I needed to flip the organizing process around (which is actually contradictory to the second item). Meaning ... we organized my craft area while she was here. I had been putting it off to do after everything else was done. But, by having it done first, it made me more excited to tackle the remaining areas.

So, she left and that weekend (the one we finished ... I'm almost caught up in blogging, making day references easier) ... Kevin and I tackled a few last areas of note.

Picture gallery!!!

Everthing that we pulled out of our bedroom ... donate (some trash ... like the bra I just now noticed is in the pile).

The basement currently ... Kevin spent the weekend tearing down a big shelving unit that was built around the pole. It made the basement seem really small. And he had fun using power tools. There's still a few things to go through down there.

My crafting area ...

Wrapping paper supplies ...

Card making supplies ...

The drawer inside my table ... Have I mentioned how much I heart this table?

My lazy susan ... lots of cubbies and drawers ... at Michaels for $39.99 ... use your 40% off coupon, though! Steal!

The beginnings of the organizational OCD-ness showing through once again!

My current project is what really took me out of the blog-o-sphere ... I'm working on a household binder. I'm trying to make lists of chores and divide them into daily, weekly, monthly lists. I am tired of typing, however, so this will be for another day! (Lucky you!)

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Melisa said...

I am in awe of you! That looks amazing! So organized and clean! WOWZA! And I totally want a copy when you get done with all that typing. :o)