Friday, February 20, 2009

The Familiar Walk

With all the warm weather we had a week or two ago, Lubbock and I were able to get out for a bit. I allowed him to lead me on a walk. I just let him walk and I followed. I made sure he stayed on the sidewalk, but that was really my only rule. He walked south and kept going until we were across the street from his buddies', Eleanor and Joey's, house. (Was that apostrophized correctly?) He stood there starely at their house for a long time and then practically ran across the street, up to their porch, and then knocked on the door. Not loud enough for Heather to hear, though. I called her and she invited us in for a minute, but Eleanor and Joey were at their grandma's house. We talked and then I decided to let her get back to work. As we were walking back to the sidewalk, I looked toward my house and saw a fire engine parked in front of my house!

I really panicked because (foolishly, I admit) ... I hadn't locked my house or even bothered shutting the door. I had no intention of straying so far from home, but I guess Lubbock had other ideas. So, on the quick walk home ... carrying Lubbock ... all possibilities of bad thoughts were racing through my head.

I noticed the truck was running as I got closer, but the lights weren't flashing ... odd. I went inside and yelled, "hello?" No answer. Hmmm. I found Kat and she was fine. I then went to the front door and stared at the truck, thinking about calling the fire station to ask if they were missing a truck. I took a picture (as any good blogger does) and just then saw two fire fighters approaching their truck with drink cups in hand.
Ah! They were simply eating lunch at one of our local restaurants. Can I get an ambulance with those fries?

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Melisa said...

that is so crazy! I would have freaked out too!