Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Birthday Card Reveal

Okay ... it seems most people have their cards ... so, to everyone I didn't send one to (mostly because I figured you weren't making the trip anyway) ... here you go!

The front sets the tie dyed theme with peace, love, and happiness symbols on top and a big craft paper two in the bottom corner. Orange craft paper is used for the paper ... allowing me to use orange as the party's theme color instead of going completely over the top with tie dyed (a very fine line to walk)!

The greeting inside states that "Lubbock is turning ..." and then uses a die cut I found with the hand peace sign. It was just what I needed to bring the whole party together!

Each guest was invited using their own hippie name. Grandma Funky Foulkes, Lauren Love Child Foulkes, Gigi Groovy Potts, The Flower Power Foulkes Family, and The Right On Round Family were a few of my favorites. The return address label stated the invites were from Lubbock "Peace."

And now for the only part of the invitation that seemed to cause me pause.

Last year, we determined that Lubbock was probably the most loved boy on Earth and that gifts for his birthday were not needed to prove this, so we held a fundraiser where we asked guests to bring camp supplies for a local program for troubled/disadvantaged teens. It was so great to see how all of Lubbock's friends helped out and the camp really appreciated Lubbock's support.

We wanted to continue this tradition for his second birthday and determined that Red Oak Nature Center was in need of a new puppet theater. So, I included the above note requesting no gifts and to consider making a donation toward the puppet theater. While I am aware this is against proper etiquette, I feel there are always exceptions to any rule.

What are your thoughts about this?


Melisa said...

The cards look great!

You might be able to get away with it this year, but at some point, the kid is going to want toys for his birthday. ;o)

Beth said...

I thought it was a perfect "hippie" thing to do - donate to a nature center. :) Great idea.

Jen said...

Invites rock, girl. No wonder you are setting up shop. The "no-gifts" clause should be removed from Emily Post's etiquette book. I like the pay it forward party!

Resweater said...

The invites are fabulous! You did an awesome job. It would take me a month to make one of those cards... and it wouldn't look as good ;)

You worded it perfectly, so you don't need to worry about etiquette. Do they have a separate account for the puppet theater from the party's donations, or is that their current goal at the nature center in general? Should we just write "puppet theater" in the notes section on our checks?