Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Butterfly House

Since I learned about it over almost a year ago, I've wanted to visit the Butterfly House at Peck Farm. When I finally got around to going ... it was closed for the season. I was so sad. I suppose that is a huge difference between Texas and Illinois ... seasons. While I enjoy most things about them ... things being closed for months at a time is certainly not one of them.

So, when I read it was opening on May 23rd, I did not wait long to visit. My Wednesday playgroup rounded up the kids and went on a butterfly watching adventure. We let the kids play outside of the tent for a while to let them burn off some energy. The tent is somewhat small and we didn't want them to bring harm to any of the fragile little beauties!

There is a small room where they let you in (and keep butterflies from getting out) and then the kind workers explained the rules. I'm sure this was intended for the moms as seven toddlers can't follow the simple rules of: don't climb on the rocks, don't touch the butterflies, and ... oh, I forgot the rest. But, I think they were very well-behaved and (that I know of) no butterfly wings are missing.

A few funny stories ... well, not funny ... but stories:

- When the lady explained the rules ... she mentioned something about butterflies eating when they sit on the flowers. Two of the kids piped up that they eat, too! They were pretty excited to have something in common with butterflies, I suppose.

- One butterfly was sitting on the walking path and just about everyone tried stepping on it (not on purpose, of course). The kids would get very close and were very observant. Then, it would move a few inches quickly and all the kids would jump back ... Joey saying "ow!"

- Hailey is fascinated with all things moving ... she kept getting really close to each butterfly and would say "hi!" It amazed me that these butterflies were so calm and just sat around enjoying the flowers and bright sunlight.

In other news ... Kevin and I joined a softball team. We're not great. We ended our first two games thanks to the 'slaughter' rule ... you know ... where one team scores so many points, they just put you out of your misery. We scored two runs in our third game. Go us! Last night ... we topped it all! We were actually leading at the end of the first inning ... and scored three runs! The other team scored nine ... semantics.

We celebrated adult-style and are very fortunate for a college-aged babysitter who's allowed to stay out after midnight. Yes, on a work night!

My friend, Kris, gave me a present last night ... a recycled wool business card holder! She hearts wool and I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed, too. I'm also very impressed with her ability to sew! It's got a cool balloon and stitched string on it ... so cute for my shindigs for kids business cards! She made this from bits of wool sweaters that have been 'felted' ... or ... accidentally washed and shrunk. I didn't know people did that on purpose! Either way ... there's so much you can do with that sweater. And Kris will tell you all about it at Resweater.

And now ... speaking of handmade and butterflies ... way to combine two topics, Nata-Leigh!

Why, thank you!

I found the cutest little upcycled crayons for a certain someone's ladybug themed party and they arrived in the mail today ... along with a butterfly one. I'll build the suspense for the ladybug ones ... but here's a look at the butterfly. Just about the cutest thing ever! I heart drawing with it because no two lines are the same color. Fun for all ages! And a great use of old, broken crayons. You can make them yourself ... or if you lack the patience ...

Scrappers by Design is having a moving sale if you want a few for yourself. But, act quickly ... I think today is the last day!


Jen said...

Oooo...upcycled crayons and felted business card holders. A woman after my own heart!

Melisa said...

That card holder is AWESOME!!!